The summer holiday is over... September 10, 2016 18:30

I've had a wonderful day today working with students towards this years Festival of Music and Drama - it's going to be a super (califragilisticexpialidocious) event in November.
I then went off to teach with JEM Performing arts group - they are currently working towards their show Cinderella. It will be a wonderful show as all the children are working so hard!
The show takes place at Wreake Valley academy on October 22nd. Tickets are on Sale now - if interested in watching the show - please click the word 'Cinderella' and it will take you to the tickets page.
There will only be one performance of this show so please book your seats early.

..What a FABULOUS week this has been! July 7, 2015 08:15

Everybody went in for their exams on Wednesday.. I'm so proud of you all! The results should be in between the 10th and 17th July! Exciting =D

My Youngest Private lesson student went in for his exam (the ABRSM prep test) and came away with his certificate! He did everything as he should! What a little super star at 5 years old!

Now I've got a busy few weeks ahead as all the forms for the Festival of Music and Drama have to be filled in and sent back by the end of July. There's lots of final song decisions to be made!

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The ABRSM Summer Exams are finally here! July 1, 2015 13:55

In the last few months I've been very busy working with students towards the summer exams and the winter Exams . I've also been choosing material for each student who is competing in the Leicester Festival of Music and Drama. This afternoon, 5 of my private students are taking their ABRSM Singing exams. I wish you all lots of luck!

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